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Turbochargers remanufacturing has become an art that we have perfected throughout the years in this industry, resulting in a very stringent quality control program on our end.

We ensure that all parts exiting our workshops pass rigorous quality standard checkpoints. We strive to either meet or exceed our customers' expectations.

Whatever type the turbocharger, we have placed a specific set of procedures to ensure they are deemed usable. We go the extra mile by conducting thorough checks on new parts from our manufacturing partners.

We, at West-Rich Auto, would like our Richmond patrons to always feel at ease when they stop by here. We offer the highest standards of quality for the fairest of prices in the industry.


Turbochargers are set out to increase your engine’s power output as well as the overall efficiency of the system. This helps you to realize a much higher performance in your engine while at the same time saving your fuel consumption. Common in larger diesel engines as well, it can significantly boost your engine's horsepower without any negative effects such as weight increases, which is the huge benefit that has resulted in a large popularity towards turbochargers among the masses.

Turbochargers work their magic by compressing the air flowing into the engine, which in turn results in a larger air intake into the cylinder, which results in more fuel combustion per cycle. With more combustion per cycle, the power generated is significantly improved. Since the weight of the vehicle is mostly constant, a greater power-to-weight ratio is always expected with the installation of a turbocharger.

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