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The technicians at West-Rich Auto Services are experts at servicing Caterpillar, Mitsubishi, Cummins, Detroit, IHC, Toyota and Volvo. If it runs on diesel, we can do it!

We offer fast and courteous service at competitive prices and pride ourselves in providing all our customers with the highest quality products and the best technical support in the business.

We stock a wide range of exchange fuel pumps for your popular Dodge, Ford and GMC diesels providing instant repair ability for our customers and dealers. Give us an opportunity to take care of your fuel problems - instantly.

If you are in search of a particular part or services in Richmond, related to fuel injectors, please contact us at any of the below listed numbers and we will respond to your enquiry promptly and professionally.

Fuel Injection Pumps play an integral role in the combustion cycle by carefully delivering the right quantity of fuel into the combustion chamber.

This allows for optimum fuel efficiency and maximum output generated from the engine.

A precisely engineered part, the fuel injection pump normally indirectly controls the crankshaft by means of gears, chains, and timing belts.

Due to today's power output requirements, fuel injection pumps on average run up to thousands of times per minute. Therefore, it's very vital that you select the correct part for the correct job. That's where we at West-Rich Auto Services come in. Our expertise helps us select the best parts that will ensure the reliability and performance that your vehicle truly deserves.

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