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Deletes and Tuning

West-Rich Auto Services wants to help you optimize the efficiency and performance of your diesel engine. If you’ve noticed a reduction in fuel economy and power, a DPF, DEF, or EGR delete & ECU performance tuning is often enough to bring your truck back up to speed.

Visit our shop or give us a call at (604) 274-8988 to ask about our specialized engine deletes and tuning services.

What is the Purpose of a DPF, DEF, or EGR Delete?

The single most common reason customers visit our shop requesting an engine delete is to enhance their engine's horsepower and fuel mileage and lengthen the lifetime of their vehicle.

Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) System Delete

A DPF system delete cleans out your engine's soot-containing compartments of excess soot. With soot buildup, the engine performance will decrease, leading to reduced fuel economy and increasing your bill at the pump. When a DPF becomes damaged from an overflow of soot, the repair bill can be excessive, and the engine will also pay the price.

Diesel Engine Fluid (DEF) System Delete

A DEF delete removes the soot from specialized catch containers when the buildup begins to cause performance issues in the engine. If soot is left to accumulate for too long, the DEF system will fall into what is known as the 'regen cycle,' resulting in it using DEF at high heat to burn off and blow out the excess soot. Since the system is primarily made up of water, it is prone to freezing when the fuel efficiency and performance are reduced, which is why getting a DEF delete is necessary.

Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) System Delete

An EGR system delete removes the EGR from your engine, intending to increase the horsepower performance and mileage. Though manufacturers install an EGR system into diesel vehicles to reduce exhaust emissions, it causes soot buildup in the engine, resulting in engine problems. Most people drive heavy-duty diesel trucks because they need to haul heavy loads for work, so when an EGR system decreases the torque and engine power, it defeats the purpose.

ECU – Engine Control Tuning for Engine Optimization

Every modern-day vehicle is built with an ECU. The purpose of it is to control the engine and other components' functions. It is a pre-programmed computer comprising programmable computer chips which can be modified. For vehicle owners who want alterations done to the unit, we can add an ECU tuner or performance chip into the system to alter the parameters. There are many reasons for ECU tuning, including increased engine performance, better engine efficiency, a better fuel: air ratio, etc.

If you’re looking for a licensed mechanic to tune your ACU, you’re in the right place. Give us a call to schedule a service appointment.

Visit West-Rich Auto Services For Reliable Vehicle Deletes and Tuning

If you've noticed a reduction in your engine's fuel economy or a decrease in its power, you could benefit from an engine delete or tuning. Our team of licensed mechanics is skilled in performing them on all vehicle makes and models, and our prices are affordable.

Stop by our shop or get in touch at (604) 274-8988 to schedule an appointment.

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